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Antonio Sanchez

"There’s no other brand I would rather be playing. Yamaha Drums are the only drums I can rely on 100% for any musical situation. Besides great quality and sound, Yamaha Drums and hardware are the most user friendly. Yamaha Drums is like a big extended family that makes you feel right at home.” — Antonio Sanchez 

Two-time Grammy Award winner Antonio Sanchez was born in Mexico City on Nov. 1, 1971. He started playing drums when he was 5 and started taking lessons privately with the best teachers Mexico City had to offer.
Antonio pursued a degree in classical piano at the National Conservatory in Mexico and in 1993 he moved to Boston to enroll at Berklee College of Music where he was a Magna Cum Laude graduate. While in Boston, he remained very active in the local music scene until he started playing in Danilo Perez's Trio in 1997, which catapulted him into the international jazz world.

Antonio uses the EAD10 with his Yamaha Drums.

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