We have developed free dedicated apps to enhance the experience and performance of your DTX products. From fun training exercises to kit customization, our apps help you do more.


Rec'n'Share allows you to record audio and video along with songs from your music library and then share your performances with the world. It digitally enhances the way you practice, record and perform music.
Pick a song from your music library, and the app's tempo detection lets you add a click, change the tempo and select sections to repeat.
Connect to your smart phone/tablet to simultaneously record video and audio. After recording, use the app’s editing functions to trim and balance the tracks.
You can upload your finished performances online or share them with friends.

DTX402 Touch

The DTX402 Touch app has 10 Training Modes designed to make you a better player, faster! Customize any of the 10 built-in kits and pad surfaces, and enjoy playing along to 10 diverse built-in songs.
Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode function puts your skills to the test and awards you with a certificate upon completion
Training Mode
10 Training Modes designed for you to have fun while practicing but become a better player faster
Kit Customization
Customize each of the 10 Preset Drum Kits with over 280 drum and percussion sounds to find your own sound
iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Android

EAD10 / DTX402 Series
iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Android

DTX402 Series

DTX502 Touch

DTX502 Touch offers an innovative way of interacting with the Yamaha DTX502 series. It’s now even easier to customise the sound that you want critically.
Hybrid Setup Wizard
Hybrid setup wizard is your own personal assistant that can help you quickly and easily combine acoustic and electronic elements together to make one composite sound.
Smart View
Swipe to select any Kits. Control an extensive range of parameters from the modern graphical user interface, allowing you to fine tune the Yamaha DTX502 series to precision.
Mixing Control
Mix and control the sound balance with clear view.

DTX700 Touch

DTX700 Touch enables you to take full control of the Yamaha DTX700. It features a newly designed user interface offering quick and easy access to the parameters that will let you build your dream kit.
Kit Finder
The "Kit Finder" function enables you to quickly and easily play along with your favorite songs. Select a song from your music library via Kit Finder and Kit Finder will suggest a Preset Kit suitable for that song.
Data Manager
"Data Manager" allows you to download and install new User Kits directly from, and exchange files with DropBox. Additionally, Data Manager enables you to backup DTX700 data to your iOS device.
Graphical Mixer and Effect Settings
These functions enable you to take full control of the built in mixer and effects with quick and easy access to the parameter that will let you build your dream sound
iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

DTX502 Series
iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

DTX700 Series

DTXM12 Touch

DTXM12 Touch is a dedicated iPad app that provides powerful support to drummers and percussionists who use the DTX-MULTI12 on-stage.
Display Pad Assignments
Rather than being limited to text alone, DTXM12 Touch can also display assignments using pictures. Furthermore, the display can be used to confirm the way in which voice layers and function assignments are configured.
Change Pad Assignments
In addition to the DTX-MULTI12's built-in voices and functions, DTXM12 Touch lets you assign audio data (.wav, .aiff, .mp3, etc.) imported from Dropbox as well as content from your iPad's music library.
Display and Edit Kit Lists
Using DTXM12 Touch, you can arrange kits to match your set list so that the kit data to be used on-stage can be managed much more conveniently. Within the kit list, you can rename, rearrange, and delete kits. Meanwhile, the App Pad function (App Kit inc/dec) makes it possible to switch kits on-stage much more smoothly.

Song Beats

Song Beats is an iPhone app that supports your drum performance by visualizing which drums to hit and when to hit them while playing along with 10 built-in songs.
Watch and Learn
Glowing rings make it easy to see which drums to hit and when to hit them, so you can learn to play along with 10 built in songs.
Use iTunes File Sharing
You can load any MIDI songs you've already purchased from Yamaha MusicSoft into the app by using iTunes File Sharing.
Customize the Backing Band
Build your ideal band for jamming by muting and mixing the instrument sounds you want to play along with.

DTX-Multi 12
iPhone / iPod Touch

DTX402 Series / DTX502 Series
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