DTX502 Series

Using technology from our top of the line kits, the DTX502 Series is designed for drummers of all levels.
Did You Know? You can change the screen color on the DTX502 Touch App!
What to change TEMPO on the DTX502 in a hurry? 
CLICK HERE to see Joel Tetzlaff demonstrate the DTX502 Touch app for iOS.
It’s easy to create your own custom drum kits in the DTX502, and the best way to start is by editing an existing kit.  Choose a kit from the 50 preset kits that is close to, or in a similar style, to what you want to create.
In this article we’re going talk about the DTX502 series and how you can load new SAMPLES and MIDI SONGS into the module with the free MusicSoft Manager APP for iOS.  With this feature you can customize your DTX502 series kit in the same way as kits costing much, much more, and it's really easy.
Technological BreakthroughAll DTX502 series configurations use the DTX502 drum trigger module which features an advanced sound engine with 691 drum and percussion sounds and is very easy to use. You get 8 “Groove Tools” training exercises with a programmable metronome, easy editing and sound layering, plus the ability to import your own samples.
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