DTX6 Series the only kit that can deliver Yamaha playability, sound quality, durability along with advanced features that inspire creativity. High-resolution sounds with advanced voicing, kit modifiers and innovative Rec’n’Share app. Available in Three models DTX6K, DTX6K2 and DTX6K3.

DTX-PRO - Changing a Voice and Tuning, Muffling Adjustments

DTX-PRO Module

The DTX-PRO module allows quick and efficient adjustments to and pad or voice, the Instrument adjustment lets you adjust all of the zones at the same time or each zone independently. 

Changing a Voice - DTX-PRO Module 

 A quick look at changing voices, all zones or individual zones in the DTX-PRO Module

Tuning Voices - DTX-PRO Module 

Overview of tuning Voices, all zones at and individual zones of a pad. 

Muffeling Voices - DTX-PRO Module 

Overview of muffling or changing the sustain of Voices, all zones at and individual zones of a pad. 

DTX PRO Module – Basic Navigation

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