DTX700 Series

The sound and feel of the DTX700 Series makes you think you're playing acoustic drums. It is a serious tool for the modern drummer.
Here is a quick video guide showing you how to access pad zone settings for multi-zone pads.
A new firmware update has just been released for the DTX700 module to update the instrument's compatibility with new triggers along with some enhancements in versatility.
Most electronic drum kits use a standard configuration: kick, snare, three toms, hi-hat, crash, and ride.  With Yamaha DTX drums there are many ways to upgrade and expand your kit, from adding an extra tom or cymbal, to increasing the size of a pad. 
The DTX790K is a kit configuration that uses the pad set and rack from the DTX900K with the DTX700 drum trigger module.  The DTX700 has preset trigger setups for the DTX700K and DTX750K.  To get the maximum expression from the DTX-PADS you should create a User Trigger Setup.
A New Breed of DTXThe DTX700 comes equipped with many of the standard features you have come to expect from a DTX module - high quality Yamaha acoustic drum voices, wide variety of preset kits, great play-along songs, plus groove check and rhythm gate. There is a lot about the DTX700 that is very new, including features we think drummers are really going to appreciate.
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