Paul Leim and the DTXM12

A Yamaha Artist since 1983, Paul Leim is one of the most in demand studio drummers in Nashville playing on countless million selling single and albums.
When Paul performs live on national TV specials or worldwide with Artists like Linda Carter, he brings his DTXM12 to deliver the sounds the world wants to hear.

Shannon Larkin

Yamaha artist since 2002, Godsmack's Shannon Larkin uses his DTX900M module and XP80 pads on his unique rig to further expand the band's huge wall of sound. He and his road crew trust his Yamaha acoustic and electronic gear to perform tour after tour and hold up to his aggressive playing style. Whether in rehearsal, in studio, or on stage, Shannon knows his Yamaha gear will always deliver the sounds he needs.

Brooks Wackerman

Yamaha DTX artist since 2016, Brooks Wackerman's hard hitting and high energy style has made him one of modern rock's most influential players. A key band member with the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Tenacious D, and Bad Religion, he is a calculated, planned, seemingly spontaneous, and musical drummer, who uses the whole instrument to create a total drum sound for the music. This new addition of electronic percussion to his current setup allows a more creative space to add sonic layers to his already innovative sound.

Brooks is now incorporating his DTXM-12 multi-pad and several XP80 pads both live and in studio. He also uses DTX backstage: the realistic rebound and feel of his KP100 kick pad is perfect for his pre-show double-kick warmup exercises.