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  4. Friday, 16 February 2018
I'm gonna buy a DTX450K and I can consider myself as beginner-intermediate. Besides from playing rock and instrumental music, I would also like to have some electronic effects and stuff like that. So my question is: Is it possible to assign different electronic sounds which I create in a DAW(For ex. Ableton, Garageband) to the pads of DTX450K?
If yes, how is the process?
(I'm not a tech guy so I would appreciate it if you answer this in easiest possible way :) )
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A DAW is a glorified tape recorder. So you can record the analogue audio sounds from your DTX.

If, however, you use the DAW to record MIDI information from the DTX, you are, in effect, recording sheet music. You can then give that sheet music to a computer to play it, either in real-time or on playback. If that computer can make sounds (e.g. has a software synthesizer built in), you can then subsequently record the analogue audio of those sounds.

Some DAWs have a sound generator built-in (software synthesizer) or you can add one in (VST). If so, you can use the DTX to fire those sounds off in real-time or on playback.

You're not going from DAW to DTX. you're going DTX to DAW.

If you do want to make new sounds and play those from a standalone DTX, then you will need a 500,700 or 900 DTX, which will allow to to add samples into the module.


[INSIDE THE DTX: Pads --> MIDI --> Thing that is making sounds] --> AUDIO --> [PC: Thing that is recording the sound]


[INSIDE THE DTX: Pads --> MIDI] --> MIDI --> [PC: Thing that is making sounds --> Thing that is recording the sound]
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