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  1. Kevin
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  3. DTX-MULTI 12
  4. Tuesday, 20 February 2018
I just picked up the DTX-Multi 12 pad and the DTX522k electronic kit. My end goal is to have both pieces connected together so that they behave as one seamless kit. I know this is possible one way or another (while at NAMM, I played a DTX532 kit coupled with the DTXM12, with all audio coming out of one amp/headphones)...
Is this possible without a mixer? In other words, is there a way to incorporate both pieces together with just the inputs/outputs on each device? Or would it be best/easiest to just use a splitter to split audio coming from both devices to one output?

Furthermore, since I'm out of instrument inputs on the DTX522 brain, I want to add an additional drum/cym pad (crash cym) where I could use the DTXM12 to act as an 2nd brain to support any extra drum pads.
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See my response on the other place you posted this question!
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