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  1. Edward
  2. DTX700 Series
  3. Sunday, 01 April 2018
I bought a DTX700 module off of eBay to replace my DTX502 module on my DTX532k. I wanted this mainly for the expressive hi hat. I got it hooked up and I’m having two issues.

1. Slave pedal on double bass pedal barely triggers sound unless I really stomp on it. Primary is fine. If I switch back to DTX502 module it works just fine so I know it’s not the kp65.
2. While the expressive hi hat works with the RHH135, to get a fully closed sound I need to press on the hi hat stand pedal a bit heavier than I should need to. Again switch back to DTX502 and the issue isn’t there

Are there any adjustments I can make to fix these issues?

Thank you,
Ed G.
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Hi Edward,

Apologies for getting to you so late, I'm catching up on past questions as I'm the new "ish" admin for

It's a compatibility issue that you're running into. To double check though, try a factory reset, but I'm almost positive that it's a compatibility issue with the pads you are trying to use with the DTX700 module.

I would suggest, or have suggested, upgrading to a 562K, same module but modified components, "pads, hi hat stand, etc."

Catch you later Edward!

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