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  4. Wednesday, 04 April 2018
google flutter sdk is available for cross platform app development.
Now will yamaha give us an android option to connect to the dtx502?
There has got to be a way to get this done. Android phones make up 80% of the market. Probably not every one of them trying to connect to their dtx502, but judging from the forum questions, there are quite a few of us out there that are praying for the day that we get full access to the features of the product we purchased.

And what about a windows option? I mean, I can connect the dtx502 to my computer and record midi. why not a windows program that opens up the features available on ios devices?
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I've used this app. It is AWESOME. Super easy to setup with the DTX502.I have an iPhone 5 with the lightning connector. I went to my local Apple store the same day I got the app and bought the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (ALUCA) - it worked great right out of the box.Step 1. Turn off the DTX502, plug in the iDevice (iPhone/iPod/iPad) with the ALUCA and a USB cable.Step 2. Start the Yamaha DTX502 Touch app,Step 3. Turn on your DTX502 sound module. The app will then direct you with 3 easy steps to upgrade the sound module firmware. It looks like the firmware update is included with the app because it did it's thing without connecting anything else. After the firmware is updated, the app will tell you to restart the DTX502 sound module. If you have custom settings you want to keep, backing up the module is probably a good idea. That being said, customizing the DTX502 will be an order of magnitude easier by using the DTX502 Touch app.Step 4. Use the app and start having fun, that's it. It has a ton of options and is soooo easy to use compared to the sound module menus.More helpful of your writing task click here .
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