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  4. Sunday, 17 June 2018
Hey there!
New to the forum and just bought my 532K. I love it so far, just having one issue. When I record myself with the kit and listen it sounds great. As soon as I transfer it to the music soft app and listen back through Dropbox it sounds very odd as if all pads are pre set to some random noise. Anyone else had this issue? Any help would be awesome.
  Peachland, BC, Canada
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When you record with the kit, you are recording MIDI, not audio. Playing that back on the kit sends the MIDI internally to the sound generator in the module, so it will sound exactly the same.

If you then download that MIDI, the playback will depend on the sound generator being used to play the MIDI instructions.

Think of MIDI as sheet music. Give that to different people to play, it'll sound different.
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