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  1. Samuel
  2. DTX-MULTI 12
  3. Wednesday, 04 July 2018
I want to know if Yamaha is coming up with any new product of portable electronic drum like dtx12 drum pad. Its been so many years with dtx12 and craze of multiple pads and layers and 200 kits hit the mark. There is a disappointment in depth of sound and expandable storage being just 64mb. Many of the users complained to expand the storage capacity. Is there someone who can say if Yamaha is making any new gear in this series?
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Indeed - I agree

I only posted about this very thing yesterday (https://yamahadtx.com/forum/new-dtx402-and-452k-now-available#reply-1423), now it seems (finally) we have some Yamaha personnel on this forum.

It's mad that just adding some memory (and some decent marketing!) could kill the SPDsx market stone dead.
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