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  4. Sunday, 26 August 2018
Anyone else know of, or find it odd, that Yamaha doesn't seem to provide a midi mapping file for use with any computer software?
I realize that the new version of BFD 3 and Superior Drummer 3 have presets for specific drum modules, but I there doesn't seem to be actual midi mapping files that can be loaded into a program so that all your pads and such (especially hi hats) are mapped correctly, instead of using the guessing game.

I just have a few older drum kits that I use with Native Instruments Kontakt player, and I'm surprised that Yamaha hasn't just released ANY midi mapping files for any of the DTX modules.
  Toronto, ON, Canada
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Hi Anthony!

Apologies for the months long delay in replying to you! I'm the new mod for the forum, so I have a bit of catching up to do....

I've personally used SD3 for projects involving the 900 module, and it automatically mapped it out for me, and I was using Pro Logic X at the time.

What software are you using by chance, and what DAW?

Thanks Anthony,

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