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  1. Peter
  2. DTX Legacy
  3. Thursday, 03 January 2019
Hi - I have read the various threads but can't see one that maps exactly. I am trying to map the pads to garageband. I have checked on garage band which notes map to which piece of the drum kit eg C = x, E# = y but I can't work out to assign a keyboard note to each of the DTX Explorer pads. Any guidance appreciated.
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Not convinced you can change the MIDI note being sent on that module. It was the entry, entry-level module at the time (DTX Pro2, cutdown to the DTXpress, further cutdown to the DTXplorer).

I think the notes are tied to the inputs/zones as per page 31 of the manual.

If you're using software, you will need to change the mappings at that end.
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