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  1. Carsten
  2. DTX Legacy
  3. Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Hi there,
I still own a DTX module with kit (I guess it is called DTX MK1 or DTX100?). https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf2/35/3412/341143-yamaha/dtx.pdf?94bde47da82c486037700c3fdf9096f6
Haven't had used it in a long time. Now I was thinking if I could use it to start a custom sound by hitting one of the pads.
How can I record or copy an individual audio file to the module and play it?
Probably fairly simple question but so far I have only used it to play along with the original "Voices" that came with it. Now I want to use my own "Voices"
Thanks for your help.....
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Great module - DTX Pro 2 - got a couple of them still working after 20 years.

You can't load for own sounds/samples into that module.

You can, however, connect a sampler to it using MIDI and play you own sounds that way. What sort of sounds are you interested in? Short percussive samples or 3 minute long backing tracks?
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