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  1. Tim
  2. DTX700 Series
  3. Saturday, 09 March 2019
Just purchased EZDrummer2 and have a novice question: I'm using my Yamaha DTX700 to trigger EZDrummer. EZD has a simple set up: E-Drums>MIDI Mapping, then choose "Yamaha". When I strike the Hi-Hat, I hear both the Hi-Hat and the Floor Tom simultaneously. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? All the other drums trigger correctly. My DAW is Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio. Just wondering if anyone else out there had this issue and found a fix? Thank you
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Hey Tim,

I can't say for sure, but maybe make sure you don't have any pads rubbing up against/touching each other, as maybe when you strike the pad, it's sending vibrations and creating cross-talk.

Try a factory reset of the module
Try shutting off your Laptop/EZDrummer program and starting it back up
Make sure you have EZ Drummer configured correctly with your DAW and that you have the correct Yamaha kit chosen to ensure you have the correct MIDI Mapping set up

Assuming you are trying to do multi-tracking yes?

Keep me posted Tim.

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