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  4. Monday, 16 March 2015
GPO News for Legacy Users,
Just in the last week, VEXpressions released 6 incredible sounding drum kits for the DTXtreme III and DTX900 modules! I recently picked up a set because I'd had great luck recording with VEX kits on a TD-30. I must say I'm completely blown away. In my opinion these sound even better than the Roland kits because they are based on the high-quality acoustic samples in the DTX module.

If you aren't familiar with VEX kits, they have made a real name for themselves in the ROLAND V-drum world. The programmers at VEXpressions spend ridiculous amounts of time modeling module drum kits to sound like famous recorded drum sets, and the results have to be heard. These kits are on the level with VSTs in BFD3 and Addictive Drums 2, but without the added dependability concerns of using a computer if gigging live.

In this recent release, these 6 full kits are now available:

1998 GMS Maple recording drum set
1986 Tama Superstar drum set
1999 Premier Signia drum set
1987 Yamaha Tour Custom
2004 DW Collector
1979 Rogers XP-8

Check out their website for the rest of the information and give a listen to the samples.


I hope you find them just as top-notch as I do. Also, the guys at VEX are trying to determine if there is demand for VEX kits in the on the 700 and 502 module. If that's something you'd be interested in, let them know on their website.
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