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  1. Ian
  2. DTX502 Series
  3. Monday, 01 July 2019
Hi there,

I got a DTX502K and it has PCY100 hi-hat on it. I found someone's selling RHH135 with its hihat stand and i'm not sure what's better on RHH135 than PCY100 when they are used as a hihat.

Please let me know! Thanks :)
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"Better" is subjective. Here's my take [1]

- I feel the HH65 controller is better than the one built-in to the RHH135 - it has more subtle movement.
- The RHH135 pad itself is probably "nicer"?
- If your hat stand has an adjustable tension on the spring you may like this. Obs the HH65 lacks this,
- Moving hats are anachronistic anyway - and just to appease old-school acoustic drummers ;)
- If you're a gigging drummer, the RHH135 means you have to carry an extra hat stand.

[1] I own and use HH65 + various pads, RHH130 and RHH135.
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