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  1. Leo
  2. DTX402 Series
  3. Saturday, 19 October 2019
So It's been some years since I've played drums (accident, rendered my hands useless). Mostly acoustic. I had a cheap Roland drum once, mostly because of neighbors but barely played it because the brain/module sucked and I was stuck with the stock sounds which I wasn't a huge fan of.

So I decided I didn't like Roland. I now find (thanks to youtube) that if you don't go for the cheapest option, it's actually really good.

So I was looking into drums again sell your phone but due to living in an apartment, it would have to be an edrum. So I read that Roland was kinda clunky and their module was not that good, so all in all, annoying to set up, but otherwise good in the high-end ranges.

Yamaha seemed good, but also some reviews on a clumsy frame and not the best stock sounds, which can be remedied.
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