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  1. moti
  2. DTX Legacy
  3. Monday, 21 October 2019
just bought pcy135, a cymbale like in my dtxexpress iv.
i dont have the mount and the thing that connect it.
i dont think i have enough room on my rack. shold i buy a stand instead?

the question is do i need a specific stand and connectors or i can buy any cymbal stand?

also, where can i find a stereo spliter connectors that will work with these drums?

thank u
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Yup to you. No real answer. Add some more bits to your rack and a cymbal arm, or a full cymbal stand. Whichever you prefer. #NoRulesInDrumming.

Stereo splitter connectors ? Amazon, Ebay, wherever. Don't know where you are in the planet.
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