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  1. Mike
  2. DTX502 Series
  3. Sunday, 03 November 2019
I've been using my DTX502 for years without issue. I recently tried to add some sounds via the Musicsoft Downloader but it wouldn't work, it kept saying the operation was cancelled. I checked into the software version (Still using v1.00 ) so I downloaded the updater to update to v1.30 and the progress bar would only move a couple blocks and then stop, never completing the update. Now my module is not working at all. I did a factory reset (losing all of my custom kits and songs in the process) and I've got no sound coming from the drum pads. I've check all connections, nothing has changed from when it used to work fine. I can still hook up an Aux In and the sound will play so I know it's not an output problem. The problem lies in the drum triggers not producing output even though when I'm in the KitVoice menu, I can see the triggers light up and change when I hit them but no sound output to my amp. Please help!!!

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