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  1. Dennis
  2. EAD10
  3. Friday, 29 November 2019
Hi everyone!

Does anyone know if there’s a way to have both regular kit and the low volume kit settings at the same time on EAD10?
I followed the instructions on the video here but every time I wanna load the regular kit settings when I have the low volume kits it overwrites the low volume one and vice versa. The only option that I can think it could work is saving one scene at a time, and then importing them back one by one. The "one scene" option just allow you to save one scene at a time. Anyone figure this out or have any idea if this is possible? or the only way to use the different data is recalling from a flash drive as it says on the online manual.

Thank you!
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Hey Dennis, the way you loaded one kit at a time seems to be the best way to do it unfortunately. It takes time of course.

Keep in mind that the new low volume scenes are located in USER scenes 1-42, and are not PRESET scenes. As a result, it is very easy to overwrite them.

Like in this video - https://youtu.be/FZycsOSPhOc - the best way to have the low volume scenes AND your regular user scenes, is to move the regular scenes one by one to the empty user scenes.
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