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  1. Kevin
  2. Sherlock Holmes
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  4. Sunday, 01 December 2019
Ok so I know how to physically add additional toms to my set but as a relative beginner I'm a bit stumped e tuning. The defaults on the module are low med and high Tom and so I understand that when adding additional toms I'll need to tune up or down from the defaults but and unless I'm being stupid I can't find any info as to what notes the defaults are or what the interval is between them. Who has added extra toms to their kit and what tuning did you use?
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Totally up to you.

Low would be a sample of a 16" tom, med round a 13", high maybe a 10-11" ? So, like with acoustic drums, you can tune the head to whatever you like from that base.

There's no rules in drumming. Have them all the same if you like. Have a kit with 12 toms if you want. Put toms on the hat pad if you want :)

Have fun.
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