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  1. Vic
  2. DTX502 Series
  3. Tuesday, 28 January 2020
Hi everyone!
I want to build an antivibration stand before I will get my yamaha dtx 582k that I ordered in the online shop.

Can you help me guys with the size of the assembled kit? Searched in the Internet, but no result.

I'm interested in length and width size from one border point to another. Think that info about any model of 502 series is ok.

I know that size depends from the personal settings, but I think that it is more or less the same for everyone.
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As you correctly summised - the "size" is going to be down to the physical size and personal preferences of the player.

The manual is here

"Size (assembled): 1,196 (w) × 528.3 (d) × 812.3 (h) mm"
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