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  1. Paap
  2. DTX-MULTI 12
  3. Wednesday, 29 January 2020
I have HH65 pedal but cannot figure out settings, not for pads and not for external trigger. Checked all manuals, forums and videos, which are not enough to explain this properly.
I am using Touch app as well.
Owner's manual is not sufficient.
I am definitely not alone with this subject.

1. How to confirm that there is a signal going from the pedal? Some visible or audible indicator on the unit or Touch app?
2. If there is no signal, what to check and how and is there service manual available?
3. How to configure HH65 to trigger external HH? I have visible signal from ext HH but not from pedal.
3. How to do this with Touch app?
4. What is the difference in hihat function setup as hi-hat or Midi

I appreciate quick reply.

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