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  1. Ian
  2. DTX502 Series
  3. Saturday, 01 February 2020
Hi there,
  I have 2 yamaha drum sets, 1 dtx502 series and dtx500 series. And the sensitivity of the snare of dtx500 is too low. I read a manual and pressed "SHIFT+DRUM KIT" and set up the gain to 99(max) and MVI to 65 (20 MVI is loud enough for other pads) but it's not sensitive. When i strongly hit it, it produces sound but doesn't make any sound when i hit it normally. This is not the issue with the snare pad or cable (It works very fine when i connect it to dtx502). I've done the factory reset and nothing changed. Can i get any help?? Thanks!
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I am curious what your "TRG1" setting is set to? Have you tried playing around with that parameter?

Have you also played around with the volumes of the individual pad voices on the "KIT3" page?

And how about the MIDI Velocity setting on "TRG3"? Try increasing it.

Lastly, I don't think this will help but you can play around with the velocity curves on "TRG4".

Good luck!
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