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  1. Paul
  2. DTX-MULTI 12
  3. Sunday, 09 February 2020
How do I set up the Multi 12 to start and stop an extended sample by hitting a pad to start and hitting the same pad again to stop? To my drummer brain it is not very clear in the MIDI Setting Area of the Manual. Apologies if I am missing the obvious!
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I explained this on Facebook.

This is not a function of the DTX. It's a function of the SP404.

The SP404 can be set to start a sample when an SP404 pad is hit, and stop when the same SP404 pad is hit again.

Once you have that working, you send the MIDI note from the DTX that matches the SP404 pad that you have set up. No special trigger settings on the DTX. It's all handled by the SP404. Receive MIDI note = start, receive same MIDI note = stop.

You can do the same thing using a keyboard. Tap key on keyboard to start SP404, tap same key to stop the sample.

Have you got a working pad on the SP404 yet?

Get a pad working on the SP404, work out what MIDI note it is (see manual). go onto DTX and send that note over whatever MIDI channel you have the SP404 set to. No loop or anything set on the DTX.
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