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  1. Erik
  2. DTX402 Series
  3. Friday, 29 January 2016
I've been dealing with a pretty damaged KP65 for a while now, pretty much opening it up and glueing the trigger back in place almost every day since it kept breaking off, re-soldering the wires to it, and replacing the broken metal plate it is supposed to be attached to. I've finally constructed something that kind of works without falling apart constantly, but the process has severely dampened the force on the trigger. Even with gain cranked up to max in the settings and on the dial at the back of the KP65, the signal is still way to quiet.

I've tried putting the the output signal through an external amplifier, which works great for the kick, but unfortunately also amplifies the signal from my 3rd cymbal pad that goes into the KP65 and uses the kick output to get to the console. For some reason the cymbal now also triggers the kick sound, even with gain settings turned down to 0, and the cymbal-signal itself is being weirdly distorted and triggering multiple times in quick succesion when striking the pad.

So, does anyone know of a way to turn up the gain for the kick trigger way beyond 127? Otherwise I'd have to make some kind of cable that seperates the two signals from the output and another one to splice them back together at the console, and I kinda don't wanna do that if there is a simpler solution.
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