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I own the Yamaha DTX12 already for four years or so but only now found the time to plunge deeper into the DTX's possibilities of using own WAV files; assigning them, tuning voices etc. etc. Next, I tried, after fixing bpm (140) and measure (3/4) in a new User Pattern (called "All blues") to record four measures of a (cymbal) pattern. It dubbed over (because of incorrect setting of one shot or loop style) and I searched for a way to delete the recording. No way! A recording is easily made but you cannot get rid of it. I can only clear a complete pattern, so including the earlier mentioned settings (bpm, measure, name etc). As an alternative to completely clearing a User-pattern there is only a CLEAR ALL patterns (so all User patterns previously recorded on the Yam). My question: Is there no easier way to clear (or override) the last recording and redo the recording over and over until it is OK (and only then assign it to a pad)??
Thanks in advance
Gerard, the Netherlands.
Tuesday, March 06 2018, 08:52 PM

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