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Today I am going to offer you, Kick Drum beaters, free!
I've tried emulating it with the settings and worked really well.

These settings are for the DTXIII/900 but work on any module with envelope settings, the values may not match, especially if they are not DTX.

Plastic Beater - Q +20
Wood Beater - +20 Attack / Q +15
Felt Beater - All values 0
Flat Beater - +22 Attack
Fluffy Beater - +25 Attack / -30 Filter

For other modules note:
+ Attack values, mean actually starting the sample later, removing the slap sound, it can be - value instead on your module.
Filter and Q settings are for a Low Pass Filter, it means the settings are for High frequencies.

This would be very cool if implemented on the DTX900 interface as shortcuts.
It can be fun also to try it on the Snare or Toms.
Tuesday, April 09 2019, 08:00 PM
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