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Hello to everyone! I'm going to buy Yamaha DTX402K. In one comment I read that this drum machine has 10 basic kits (Rock, Pop, Metal, EDM etc.) and also you can create and write your own kits using VTS-programms, Is that true? Could you tell me how to write your own kit using computer and VST-programms? How many custom kits can I create?
Wednesday, June 05 2019, 02:52 PM
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    Wednesday, June 05 2019, 11:40 PM - #Permalink
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    Each "kit" is a set of presets that say "when I hit this pad, play the following MIDI note".

    The MIDI note is sent to the internal sound generator to play a sound.

    If you plug on a PC, then you can send the MIDI note to a software sound generator, and have that play a sound,

    So, you need to learn how to use your software to respond to the note being sent by your pad.

    You could, in theory, have an infinite number of kits on a PC.

    I shall not go into MIDI and software here, have a read of your manuals.
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