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Hey guys ... Im newbie here for using dtx 562 .... I have question about latency setup.... How to setup my kit work in cubase 5 vsti without latency ....oh i using focusrite 2i2 usb souncard ... I've do some tweaking tutorial from youtube .... An...
I suggest to please make windows version software so that we can programm from our laptop or desktop. You can take idea from SPD Sx software. we can easliy program from our laptop or PC. One thing if any one can send message to DTX m 12 team. The...
Hi, I am VERY EXCITED about my new DTX562K. I upgraded from the 400 series where I was using it with Cubase and Groove Agent 4. Connecting the kit with USB Midi and using Cubase I cannot seem to find a way to automatically recognize the DTX562K in t...
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