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Hi there, I'd like to use a foot controller to adjust DTX-multi 12 overall volume. I tried to connect it according to the description in the manual on page 29 (followed). I connect a FC-7 type generic foot controller and tried to connect it on CC...
DTX Newbie
Hi, My son received this for Xmas and is delighted with it. Sounds great. So does he. He has now bought a mechanical double pedal for the bass kick and loves it. Is it possible to change the Hi-hat Clutch pedal on the Hard Rock Kit (no3 in the men...
I would like to play two kits in a song, and I need to change kits quickly: is it possible to control which kit is being used by sending MIDI commands? Alternatively, is there any way to hook up a footswitch to the 502 module directly? Thanks....
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