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The DTX402 has 10 Training Functions designed to assist you in improving your Drumming Skills! Check out Training Function #1-Rhythm Gate ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYFe2B4E_GM...
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I went to guitar center and the employees told me if I got a dtx502 I could add it to my dtx430k. When I connect it to my drum set it gave me a list of kits to choose from. None were in the 400 series. Is there a way to connect the two?...
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When playing the hi-hat on my DTXplorer kit, I get a terrible response. About a quarter of the time, when I play the hi-hat closed, the sound triggered is the open hi-hat sound. The signal from the pedal is not reaching the sound module much of the t...
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Hi, just wanted to share I am happy with the 532K I set up last weekend. Happy with the sounds, the feel, the looks. I do think the user manual is extremely complicated to read and the module not reall easy to use, not intuitive so to speak. Example:...
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