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Hey guys, Yamaha just rolled out a huge and FREE update for the EAD10. Read more about it on the EAD10 page. There are a bunch of new features like a talk-back function, settings to reduce unwanted noise, extended recording duration and click o...
DTX Newbie
I would like to record EAD10's microphones, bass drum trigger and snare drum trigger (DT50S) and also two pads to my MacBook Pro (Mac OS 10.15.3) and to GarageBand application (10.3.4) so that mic, pads (triggers) would go to their own track. Is i...
DTX Newbie
I've been using the Ead10 module to record with Rec n' Share fine until yesterday when I connected it to my Pc in order to record some tracks. Now none of the devices I used to record with recognize the recording module, any ideas on how to solve th...
DTX Newbie
Hello, I had some problems in live performances with the EAD microphone, as I usually play in small places the microphone ended up capturing several things on the stage so I had the idea to put two microphones in the B for snare and another for the b...
DTX Newbie
Hello, I've ordered the EAD10 a few months ago. Well, my idea is to send midi Control Changes with Ableton to automatically change the preset I want during a song/show (automation, or midi clip)... I've read the manual, and It specifies the EAD10 ...
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