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I've been using my DTX502 for years without issue. I recently tried to add some sounds via the Musicsoft Downloader but it wouldn't work, it kept saying the operation was cancelled. I checked into the software version (Still using v1.00 ) so I downlo...
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Before you can use the touch App with your Multi12, be sure to do this step first! ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3CVjhwrVho...
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I have a Yamaha DTX532K. I already added a PCY90T Cymbal to my kit using the extra output on the KP65 Bass Kick. I recently bought a PCY100 Cymbal that I also wanted to add to my kit. I heard you can use the three toms and split the output (so hav...
why buttons are not working (kit , wave ,etc) and some patches are not working? reply us ASAP...
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