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Hi guys. Very happy with my recent aquisition of a Multi 12 but I am having very specific trouble with the hi hat controller. The closing of the pedal doesn’t stop the open sound. It does trigger the closed sound and it does ‘click’ the hi hat but...
Hi there. I have a DTX 502 module and RHH135 hihat with multizone. I don’t be able to assign different sound for different zone. I follow the users manual istruction but seem something wrong. I go to Kit2* after shot the hihat zone when SHI...
Hello, I've recently purchased a DTX532 kit to use in my studio for teaching drum set. Previously I was using low volume cymbals and combinations of drums with mesh heads and practice pads. The DTX is much more fun and satisfying for my students to p...
DTX Newbie
Just purchased EZDrummer2 and have a novice question: I'm using my Yamaha DTX700 to trigger EZDrummer. EZD has a simple set up: E-Drums>MIDI Mapping, then choose "Yamaha". When I strike the Hi-Hat, I hear both the Hi-Hat and the Floor T...
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