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DTX502 Tip: Adding Additional Drum or Cymbal Pads

The preconfigured kits for the DTX502 - DTX522KDTX532KDTX562K - give customers a wide range of options for triggering and playing. In addition, users can add up to four single-zone pads to their kit via the Kick and Tom inputs. Pads that were multi-zone initially, become single zone when their trigger input is shared.

To add a pad using the KP65 input, connect a 1/4" mono (or TS, for Tip-Sleeve) or 1/4” stereo (or TRS, for Tip-Ring-Sleeve, pictured below) cable from the additional pad to the "Pad ► In" connector on the back of the KP65:

DTX502 Adding Pads 1

In addition to the KP65's input, the three Tom inputs are actually dual-mono inputs, able to feed two single-zone pads into two separate trigger inputs (as labeled on the inputs themselves, pictured below).
DTX502 Adding Pads 2

To access these trigger inputs, a 1/4" Stereo Male (or TRS, Tip/Ring/Sleeve) to Dual Mono 1/4" (or TS, like above) Female adaptor is recommended (see picture below). 

DTX502 Adding Pads 3

First connect desired pads to the Mono 1/4” Female jacks using a 1/4” Mono (or TS) cable, then connect the 1/4” Stereo Male plug into the desired Tom input on the module. 

Lastly, although the default sound for the additional pads will vary on the Preset Kits, users can change the sound these pads produce to their liking and save the configuration in a User Kit - reference the Basic Kit Editing article on hereif needed.

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