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Recently I sat in with my friends’ band and brought my DTX-MULTI 12 to use with triggers on my Oak Custom kit and to play some percussion voices and hand claps on the side.  I built my own user kit from scratch and stored it; there would be no need for me to change kits, with the twelve pads and five trigger inputs my kit and miscellaneous percussion was covered for all three sets - or so I thought.

In the second set the band decided to play a song that wasn’t on the setlist that needed some timbales, which were not programmed on my user kit, so I switched to preset kit 28:Cuban Stick. The band was into jamming and added another new one that needed synth toms, so I switched to preset 17:EleTomSet!.

During the break the bass player (who uses in-ear monitors) commented that for those tunes my kick and snare voices changed, in fact all the sounds changed. The reason that happened is because those presets have their own kit voices pre-assigned to the external trigger inputs. That could have been a disaster because the audience is hearing those kick and snare samples more than I am behind the kit. But because I was familiar with the preset voice assignments for the external inputs I was somewhat prepared for this. If you look at the data list for the preset kits of the DTX-MULTI 12 you will notice that most kits have a set of snare voices assigned to pad 13 (external), kick voices to 14/15, and cymbal or hi-hat voices assigned to 16/17. So for those tunes I had appropriate voices on my kick and snare, and I just laid off my acoustic toms.

With the DTX-MULTI 12 you can reate your own setups or plan ahead and use input 13 for snare pads/triggers, 14 or 15 for your external kick, and 16 and 17 for hi-hat, cymbals or percussion.


Bank Select and Program Change
DTX900/DTXtreme III Firmware Update: Version 1.04

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