The DTX402 is the quietest drum kit that Yamaha offers, possessing 10 stereo pristine sounding drums kits, 10 built-in training functions designed to improve your drumming skills, along with 10 play along songs ranging in a plethora of musical styles! Hone your skills by exploring the multiple challenge modes, and upon completion, recieve a certificate of achievement award for your hard work and dedication!

The 402 comes equipped with a KU100 Kick Pedal and an HH40 Hi-Hat Pedal. You can switch the hi-hat pedal into another bass drum for double bass playing if desired.
Customize individual pad surfaces on any of the 10 built in kits with the FREE DTX Touch App, and also be sure to check out the FREE Rec'N'Share App that allows you to record your very own video performance to share with the world! When wanting to use the Rec 'N' Share app, simply plug a camera connection kit into your smart device, then use a USB A-B cable to connect to the 402 Module, and start recording!