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DTX502 Series

DTX502 Series
Technological Breakthrough
All DTX502 series configurations use the DTX502 drum trigger module which features an advanced sound engine with 691 drum and percussion sounds and is very easy to use. You get 8 “Groove Tools” training exercises with a programmable metronome, easy editing and sound layering, plus the ability to import your own samples.

dtx502 1More sounds means more choices for musical expression, and 8 Groove Tools helps you become a better drummer faster. Easy editing means you can spend less time programming and more time playing, and the ability to import your own samples and songs allows for limitless sonic potential.


Yamaha developed a new technology during the development phase using lasers to fine tune the trigger and velocity settings for the DTX502 for better playability on all the pads. With laser-tuned trigger settings, all the DTX502 series kits have improved feel and response for more accurately expressive playing in all styles.

All kits in this series feature Yamaha’s DTX-PAD 3-zone snare pad, 3-zone crash and ride cymbal pads with choke and mute functions. The DTX522K features a 3- zone hi-hat pad while the DTX532K/DTX562K have a vertical motion 2-zone pad on a Yamaha hi-hat stand (included). Drummers who play acoustic drums will appreciate the natural playability of the DTX-PAD snare and natural cymbal pads of the DTX502 series kits.


You push your drums to the limit, and you can expand any DTX502 series kit with up to 4 additional pads for your dream set up. The “Hybrid” acoustic/electronic drum kit is becoming very popular, and Yamaha DTX drums with the 502 series is leading the way. The DTX502 module was designed for use in a ‘hybrid’ kit situation with the ability to be mounted on your acoustic drum hardware. Trigger pads can be pulled from the practice kit as needed and can be mounted on Yamaha tom arms/cymbal stands. You can also expand the kit by connecting to a computer via USB.

The DTX502 is an easy solution for any drummer who wants to get started in electronic drums or take it to the next level with an affordable, feature-packed system that can grow with you from the practice room to live stage and recording studio.

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