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PLAY a Preset SONG:
Press the [SONG] mode button, then press [F1] [PLAY] to access the song play function page. With the Song number highlighted, use the jog-dial or INC/DEC buttons to select a PRESET Song 01-87. 
When a preset song is selected the category is shown at right of the song number.
Sig 13
Selecting a song will automatically select a drum kit. To play any kit in any song, select the kit you want in DRUM KIT mode first, then enter SONG mode and press [F6] KIT LOCK to lock in your kit.
Press to start/stop the song and use the sliders to set the volume for ACCOMP and DRUMS.

MUTE the DRUM part, BASS part or OTHER parts:
Press [SF1] to mute the DRUM part, [SF2] to mute the BASS, and [SF3] to mute all OTHER parts.

RECORD your performance using a Preset Song:

By copying a song to the USER memory, you can record your own drum part.
1. Select an empty USER SONG. Press the [F2] JOB button, then [SF1] SONG for the song jobs.
Sig 14
2. Use the jog-dial or up/down arrows to highlight the Copy Song job and press [ENTER] button. Select the song you want to copy and press [ENTER], then [YES] to confirm.

If you want to clear a track and re-record, use the [F2] JOB and [SF2] TRACK buttons to access the Track Job list. Select Track 2 (the track you recorded on) then ENTER, and YES to confirm.
For a video demonstration of Song mode go to:
Editing Kits on the DTXPRESS III Kit

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