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Rhythm Gate lets you check the accuracy of your hit timing more finely and strictly when playing along to the CLICK or a SONG*. The sound is produced only when you hit at the correct (allowable) timing, which can be specified beforehand. *for details see the Click and Song quick starts

1. While in CLICK mode, press the [F4] GROOVE button then the [SF3] SETTING button.
TIP: Set the note value for rhythm gate to an 8th note for this example.
Sig 10
2. While in CLICK mode, press [F4] GROOVE then [SF2] R.GATE to enter rhythm gate mode. Use the cursor to highlight the area on the left and select up to five inputs for analysis.*

3. Next, set the rhythm gate range of each input with the values below EARLY and LATE . These values are set in 1/120th of a 16th note increments and the range across the display is equal to one 16th note. The crosshatch area will update according to your settings; hits in this range will
produce sound.

Sig 124. As you play along to a click (or song), Rhythm Gate allows sound to be produced only for hits that are played within the rhythm gate range as set in step 2 and correspond to the note value and inputs selected in step 1 (8th note). Hits outside the rhythm gate range are muted. Early hits appear to the left side of center and late hits appear to the right. But the best way to use Rhythm Gate is to just PLAY! Use your ears, you don’t have to look at the display. You will be able to hear hits that are in time and you won’t hear hits that aren’t. There’s a lot of power here. You can also try Rhythm Gate with different SETTINGS for Note, different selected INPUTS, and of course different rhythm gate RANGES for EARLY and LATE.

For a video demonstration of Groove Check & Rhythm Gate go to:

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