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Getting around the DTX900 is takes an understanding of the basic terms used in the screen.  This article will introduce you to the DTX900 and how to change voices in a kit, using the groove tools, and playing along with the preset songs.

Change the drum VOICE SET:
A VoiceSet assigns multiple sounds to all sources of a multi-zone INPUT in one step.
1. While in DRUM KIT mode, press [F2] VOICE to access voice functions. Note the screen now includes several icons above the SF or “sub-function” keys. Press [SF1] to access voice SELECT.
2. Strike any zone of a trigger to select that trigger INPUT for editing. Use the cursor to highlight the Voice Set number . Rotate the jog-dial or press the INC/DEC buttons to select a new Voice Set. If desired, you can change the category of Voice Set to the left of the voice set number.

Change the drum VOICE:
A single drum Voice can be assigned to any SOURCE from a multi-zone pad/trigger.
1. From Drum Kit [F2] VOICE[SF1] SELECT page press the [SF5] SOURCE button. Strike a specific trigger zone and you can select a single drum voice for the specified trigger source.


Groove Check measures if you play early or late. Rhythm Gate mutes hits too far out of time.
1. Press the [CLICK] button, then press [F4] and [SF1 G.CHECK] or [SF2 R.GATE].
Sig 1
2. Run the [CLICK] and play a simple eighth-note pattern one kick, snare and hi-hat.

PLAY a Preset SONG:
There are 87 preset songs and you can import standard midi files for adding more songs.
1. Press the [SONG] mode button, then press [F1 PLAY] to access the song play function page. With the Song number highlighted, use the jog-dial or INC/DEC buttons to select a Song 01-87.
Sig 2

Accessing General MIDI voices from the pads on DTX...

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