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Rhythm Gate is a variation of Groove Check1 in which sound is produced only if your hit is within the specified range, and sound is not produced if your hit is outside this range. This is cool because you don’t have to look at the display to know if you are on time. You will be able to hear (or not hear) if you hit the pad(s) within the range set by Rhythm Gate.
Rhythm Gate range
The range of Rhythm Gate can be selected from three levels according to the degree of difficulty. When set to off, sound is always produced, no matter what your timing is (regular Groove Check).
1. In Groove Check mode2, press PAGE to get to the Rhythm Gate [GRV2] page.

Set the Rhythm Gate Mode to “easy” for this exercise.
2. Press PAGE to get to the Groove Input select [GRV3] page. Rotate the jog-dial to select “1snare” as the input. This will analyze just the timing of snare hits.
3. Press PAGE again to get to the Groove Note value [GRV4] page. Set the Note value to Quarter Notes. This will analyze the accuracy of hits that occur on quarter notes.
4. Press PAGE button several times to return to the Groove Check display [GRV1] page.

The Rhythm Gate range is shown as a dark underline in the Groove Check display.
5. Press the to activate the metronome and try playing a simple drum beat with the back beat “2” and “4” on the snare pad.
As you play, listen (don’t look!) to see if your back beat falls within the range specified. You will hear hits that do; you won’t hear hits that don’t. If you hear all your snare hits, congratulations, you are a decent time keeper! Try the “normal” or “pro” settings and see how really good you are.

TIP: Try closing your eyes and focusing in on the click or song as you play – trust your ears!
You may want to try Groove Check and Rhythm Gate with the hi-hat or ride as the input for analysis (set on [GRV3] page) and eighth-notes as the note value (set on [GRV4] page). This setting focuses on developing your primary time-keeping limb (for most drummers and styles).

1 For details on Groove Check see the DXP4QUICKSTART_GRVCHK document.
2 Press [SHIFT] + [CLICK] to enter Groove Check mode.
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