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Expanding Your Kit-DTX700

Most electronic drum kits use a standard configuration: kick, snare, three toms, hi-hat, crash, and ride.  With Yamaha DTX drums there are many ways to upgrade and expand your kit, from adding an extra tom or cymbal, to increasing the size of a pad. 
The DTX700 series can be expanded and upgraded several ways depending on the starting configuration.  Although the DTX790K isn’t too far from being the top-of-the-line model, it can be both upgraded and expanded with an XP120T 12-inch tom to make it into a 6-piece kit.

The procedure is the same for any DTX700 series kit: assign the “Pad Type” of the new (or upgraded) pad to the trigger input it is plugged into, then save the new setting as a User Trigger Setup.  All the DTX700 memory may be edited by the user, so really you are just “updating” whichever Trigger Setup you use with your kit.

1. Plug the new pad into a trigger input (1-11) of the DTX700 and turn on the DTX700.

2. From KIT mode, press [F2] TRIGGER and use the data-wheel to select the trigger setup for your kit.

3. Press [MENU] and use the data-wheel to select the “Trigger” menu, then press [ENTER].

4. Use the wheel to select “Pad” menu, press [ENTER], then select “Pad Type” and press [ENTER].  If necessary, scroll with the wheel to page 1/6 (Pad Type page).

5. Strike the new pad and the correct input will be selected for editing.  Use the [+][-] to set the pad type of the new/upgraded pad.  Repeat for any new/upgraded pads or cymbals.

Press [STORE], and confirm your decision by pressing [ENTER].

Now you can return to KIT mode and begin playing your upgraded DTX700 series kit with a trigger setup that matches the pads you have connected.  You can repeat the process whenever you change out kit components, and you can create and store up to 20 user trigger setups for use with different DTX kits, acoustic triggers, or other pads.
DTX900 Loading a Loop
DTX790K Trigger Setup

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