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MusicSoft Manager-DTX502

In this article we’re going talk about the DTX502 series and how you can load new SAMPLES and MIDI SONGS into the module with the free MusicSoft Manager APP for iOS.  With this feature you can customize your DTX502 series kit in the same way as kits costing much, much more, and it's really easy.
Sound samples can be stereo or mono up to 44.1kHz (CD quality) in either .wav or .aif format.  MIDI songs have the extension .mid and can be type 0 or type 1.

What you’ll need is a DTX502 series kit, an iOS device and a connection cable such as the Yamaha iUX1 or the Apple Camera Connection kit and a USB cable.  The MusicSoft Manager app is available for free in the iPhone area of the APP store.  Install the app first, then send your samples and midi data into the app via DropBox* or iTunes Files Sharing.
*DropBox is a free online storage service provided by DropBox, Inc and requires WiFi to send songs into the app.

502xfer04Once you have some sound samples and midi song files, you must number them so they will go to the correct location inside the DTX502.  For samples, name them "01sound.wav", the next "02sound.wav", etc.  User songs start at number 61, so name the first MIDI file "061song.mid", the next "062song.mid", etc, before transferring.  You can name them in your computer before sending into the app, or use the "Rename" button inside the app to change destinations whenever you want.

Make sure that the total size of your data does not exceed the 1024kB of Flash Memory in the DTX502.

The next step is to connect your iOS device to the DTX502 USB port.  You can use the Yamaha iUX-1 cable, or an Apple Camera Connection Kit and standard USB cable.  Turn ON the DTX502 and then LAUNCH the app.  The app will recognize your instrument, and the DTX502’s LCD will indicate MusicSoft Mode.

Simply touch the songs in the MusicSoft Manager Library window of your device to select them.  Touch "Transfer", select your DTX502, then select "Flash Memory".  Touch "Transfer To Here" to begin the transfer.
   502xfer08  502xfer11  502xfer12
When MusicSoft Manager is running the LCD will display that the DTX502 is in MusicSoft Mode.  After the transfer is complete, close the app, and the DTX502 will go back to the mode it was in before the transfer.  Your new samples will apear in the voice WAVE (W:) category and can be assigned to any pad.  Select SONG mode to find the new user songs you transferred.  The DRUM MUTE button will mute the drum part so you can play along.  You can also choose to activate the click, change the tempo, or use the song with the training functions.

NOTE: Be sure to always perform a "SHUTDOWN" of the DTX502 to preserve the Flash Memory!

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