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DTX900 Series

DTX900 Series

What is Kando?
KHAN-doh: noun.  Something that inspires the heart and spirit.  An emotional impression or sensational feeling that touches the soul. 

Yamaha Company Mission: Yamaha will continue to create ‘kando’ and enrich culture with technology and passion born of sound and music, together with people all over the world.

The DTX900 series embodies the essence of "kando".


In 2009, after years of research and development, and working closely with our acoustic drum artists, Yamaha introduced a revolutionary new drum pad with a Textured Silicone (TCS) head - the DTX-PAD.  The DTX-PAD feels like no other drum pad, yet it feels remarkably close to acoustic drums.  In addition to the TCS head, the pads of the DTX900 series are shock mounted so that the sensitivity can be increased and crosstalk virtually eliminated.  With technology that allows us to consistently make TCS heads with a snare feel or with a tom feel, Yamaha DTX-PADS blur the lines between drums and technology.


Just ask anyone who plays a Yamaha drum (or any of our instruments) and they’ll tell you.  From vintage kits of the living legends to the modern sets of today’s rising stars, Yamaha drums have been made and played with passion since 1967.  From around the world, Yamaha drum artists span across all musical genres, and some of our biggest name drum artists helped define the history of contemporary drumming as we know it.  Our passion for drummers and drumming continues with the DTX900 series of electronic drums.


At Yamaha, the sound and the ability to express yourself musically are the two most important things that go into every instrument we make.  For this reason, the DTX900 series utilizes Xpanded Articulation technology from our flagship series of synthesizer - the MOTIF.  This technology involves using lots of samples (digital recordings of actual instruments) to recreate a single instrument voice.  In the DTX900 series, Xpanded Articulation makes the drum and cymbal voices sound more natural with subtle variations for each stroke.  When matched with the feel of our DTX-PADS and three-zone cymbals you will be able to express your musical groove without skipping a beat.  And with 512MB of memory for user sampling, the DTX900M drum trigger module lets you capture any sound and assign it to the pads for endless sound possibilities.


At Yamaha, music is at the heart of what we do, and with all the technology involved in today’s music-making processes, the DTX900 series is a logical and versatile choice for making your musical dreams a reality.  The module is is packed with a wide variety of natural and processed drum kits, our “groove check” and rhythm gate” training modes, and a set of highly musical play-along songs.  The quietness and feel of the pads, the ability to sample and layer your own drum sounds, and USB computer connectivity are all there to serve you whether you play live, in the practice room or in the recording studio.


Kenny Aronoff, Teddy Campbell, Gorden Campbell, Cora-Coleman Dunham, Ray Luzier, Paul Leim, John Majon, and Tony Verderosa.  These are just a few of the many artists for whom the Yamaha DTX-PAD is the pad-of-choice when their career demands it.  While that’s an accomplishment that we’re very proud of, we’re even more pleased by the response from drummers of all levels who play the DTX-PADS and tell us they love how they feel.  We do what we do to bring KANDO to people just like you.

Paul Leim    Darrell Robinson GMA    Chad DTX 950K 1 copy

Check out the Yamaha DTX900 Series.
Beyonce's 'God Made You Beautiful
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