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Shauney Recke

Shauney Recke, known to many as Shauney Baby, has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and is one of the most celebrated female drummers both nationally and internationally. Born in Washington D.C., Shauney was exposed to music at a very young ageas her father was one of the founding members of the "Delfonics," the popular 1970's R&B group. While her musical talent was inspired by her father [it is] Shauney's mother, a nurse, has been her guiding light and rock throughout her entire career. After graduating from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts with a concentration in voice and theatre, Shauney embarked on what would soon become a successful music career as the "drummer of choice" for some of the world's top talent. Professional highlights include Blacked Eyed Peas front man, Will.I.Am; the house-band drummer on FOX TV's Keenan Ivory Wayans Show; national tours with Robin Thicke, Pussycat Doll's, Nicole Scherzinger, Paulina Rubio, Hilary Duff, and Sting.

In addition to her successful musical career, Shauney studies acting and dedicates ample personal time as an activist and board member for her community. Shauney is well known both in her professional and personal career to be a woman of unwavering integrity with an infectious smile and the kind of beauty that resonates from the inside out. She is happily married to executive producer and manger Andre Recke, who shares her passion for the two most compelling aspects in her life: entertainment and philanthropy.


"Depending on the artist I use the DTX 12 pad or the kit in various contexts. For example with the Dolls it was specifically throughout a full electronic kit to match the sounds that were loaded into the kit's pads that were consistent with the record. That's really important when you're hired for a gig and they want specific sounds to match what's on the recording.
With some of the other artists I am triggering pads [in a hybrid setup] be it on percussion or drum set. What I love about the variation of the DTX-PADS is that they really are configured where they fit well in many set-ups, which makes it convenient and accessible. I also love, most importantly, how the pad feels at the attack of impact. It's grown over time and definitely is better since I've played it over the last few years. I'm pretty happy with my pads and grateful to play and be supported by such a quality product and company with representatives who really care about the players concerns regarding the drum." - Shauney Sherice Recke
Quick TEMPO Change on DTX502
John "Lil John" Roberts

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