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Teddy Campbell

Long before Teddy debuted on national network TV, Teddy discovered his love of drumming by banging on his mom's pots and pans at the age of three. The drummer grew up in the Gospel music scene of Chicago, Illinois, where he played in church for the first time at the age of four, and hasn't looked back since.

For the last several years, Teddy has been the in-house drummer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and now can be seen by millions on the FOX smash hit show American Idol. He is a member of the live house band that plays a pivotal role in making Idol one of the most entertaining and most watched programs in TV history.

Teddy has also been the in-house drummer for The Image Awards, The Essence Awards, The Billboard Awards, BET Awards, BET's Celebration of Gospel, VH1 Disco Ball, VH1 Diva's Concert, and the VH1 Save The Music Concert.

  Despite all of that work, Teddy still finds the time to stay true to his roots, fronting his own group, The Teddy Campbell Band.

Just recently we’ve been busy behind the scenes building Teddy a new hybrid kit and rack that include his Yamaha acoustic PHX kit and DTX electronics, which include two DTX-MULTI 12 pads, plus XP100T tom pads and DT-20 triggers that can be seen on this season’s American Idol.
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